E-accounting facilitates close cooperation between corporate client and the accounting firm


  • Fast and safe implementation
  • Freedom of time and place
  • Seamless collaboration with accounting firm
  • Real time operations
  • Automatic regulatory reports

E-accounting is the today of financial management

E-accounting as a cloud service with Finago

We use the Finago financial management software to provide services in real time. Finago enables flexible division of tasks between the client and the accounting firm.

We recommend that businesses settled their sales invoices and each employee reported own travel and subsistence costs and that all purchase invoices were directed to ProCountor either as e-invoices or through the scanning service, where they get paid in due time.

The accounting firm will look after bookkeeping, payroll services, monthly reconciliation, self-initiated tax reports, annual reports, financial statement, planning of taxes, tax return and other individually agreed financial management tasks.

Full accounting services or a different arrangement between the client and the accounting firm based on client’s needs and provided either in client’s premises or ours also available.

Traditional bookkeeping with a modern tool

We also use Finago Tallennus that is a modern solution to traditional bookkeeping services to clients with little accounting operations. The program includes all essential operations for bookkeeping, payroll services, travel expenses, reporting and regulatory reports.

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